Hello, my name is Jen Fry.

Hey! I am Jen Fry and I believe that the key to educating others and changing the world is through conversation. We cannot start to change the world until we see others as human, hear their story, attempt to understand perspectives and recognize how we all have created the issues.

We have always been taught to not talk about race, sex, and politics. But, I believe we do the opposite. We talk about them and talk about them in detail. Race and ethnicity are uncomfortable topics that fully cannot be spoken about without also mentioning politics. Race is affected by laws and laws affect race.

Many people do not like to talk these topics, but I love to jump in head first and start conversations that can help gain more a better understanding and appreciation of those topics.

I love and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my contact page to tell me what I am doing right or what needs a little bit of fixing up.

Thank you!