Education through conversation


JenFryTalks is a social justice education firm who uses conversation to educate and empower those within athletics through an antiracist lens on issues of race, inclusion, intersectionality, diversity, and equity. We employee conversation to start discussing the tough topics at hand. Conversation, getting to know the person in front of you, and seeing the humanity in one another can make the hard conversations seem a little easier. It’s time to start talking. Face to face.

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Workshops & Trainings

Race, ethnicity, and sports will forever be intertwined. These workshops & trainings are a minimum of two hours and are designed and tailored to discuss a variety of issues on race, diversity, gender, inclusion, antiracism, athletics, power, privilege, and more.

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Speaking Engagements

I believe in the power of conversation and storytelling to help educate and bridge the gap between people. I bring it. My keynote speeches are highly engaging speeches on a wide variety on topics that include rich visuals that will not only draw the participants in, but also empower them to take the next steps to continue working to be antiracist.

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I specialize in assisting organizations, teams, staffs, coaches, administrators, athletes and others in finding ways to have uncomfortable conversations on race, gender, diversity, inclusion, social justice education, power, privilege and the effects on both those within the marginalized and dominant communities. 

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“Go where the fear is". When confronted with two roads I always choose what scares me more.

— Wilma Mankiller