Cover Letters

Cover letters are tough. They are the first thing the search committee or hurman resources representative see. It is what will showcase your talents and prove that your experience is exactly what they are looking for. Writing a cover letter that fits specific jobs is tough and takes time. Time that you might not have or want to use writing a cover letter. You might want to use that time doing things you enjoy doing like running, traveling, reading, dominos, cards, knitting... you get the idea. This is where I slide in. I will write a cover letter that will incorporate your skils, experiences, and the job description to give you a document that will want to make you hire yourself. Don't delay. Let me rewrite your world. 

Cover Letter revisions are $50 per cover letter, and all each revision after the initial cover letter are $20.


Resumes are time consuming. Each resume has to be tailored to the job you are applying for and that can get tiring. Not only do you have to work your current job, but you have to change up each resume for the job you are applying for- not on the clock of course... This is where I come in. I help tailor your resume to each specific job you are interested in. I make sure the resume speaks to not only your experience within the job you are applying for but also showcases all that you are doing in your current job and have done in previous jobs. 

Resume revisions are $75 per resume, and all each revision after the initial resume is $35.

Interview Prep

Your resume and cover letter made it through the first round and you have gotten the call for the interview however you are nervous about how this interview will go. You have had many interviews in the past that have gone "well" only to receive the no thank you email a few days later. You are frustrated because you aren't sure what went wrong. We have all been there. I am here to help. I will walk you through the interview process to help you understand where your answered detoured and help you get back on track so the interviewers can see the great skills, personality, and experience you bring to the table. 

Interview Prep is $35 an hour with a one hour minimum.