Resume help. Thanks for the resume makeover. I'm so used to the nerd world where all they care about is competence. And instead of looking at your resume they give you a verbal or written test before they even see your name on a cover letter let alone a resume. You showed me how to showcase my competence and talents, and make what is unique about my experience stand out. I appreciate the help you gave me as it resulted in 5 interviews immediately after making those changes.

Bouaketh Chanthavisouk

Assistant Volleyball Coach

College of Wooster

"I needed Jen's help with my resume and cover letter and she did a wonderful job with them. She restructured my documents completely, highlighted my strengths and achievements, and helped me understand the need of being detailed and how I should format my resume for the student affairs field. Her turnaround was very quick, and she wasn't shy to give me honest opinions in order to help me brainstorm for my documents. Jen is also very reasonable with her pricing. I am so grateful for having her help and cannot wait to see the result."

Michelle Nguyen

Jen helped me rework my cover letter and resume. Not only were her insights on the process helpful she was also amazingly supportive. Job searches in Higher Ed & Student Affairs can be draining and impersonal so it was a true gift to work with someone so responsive. It has only been a few weeks but I am starting to get some promising feedback. My only regret is not reaching out to her sooner!

Natasha  Z. Stanislas

I had been updating and using the same resume with the same format since I graduated college.  After racking up 10+ years of experience, and my resume looking a little cluttered, I decided it needed to be freshened up and took it to someone who specialized in that area.  They changed up the words a little and switched a few things around and gave it back to me within a couple of days.  I put out tons of applications but got minimal hits.  I’m not going to lie, not getting any calls started to mess with my confidence a little.  I then asked Jen to take a look at it to see if there was anything else I could do to make it better.  Within a couple of days Jen had an enormous amount of feedback and questions for me that helped me figure out what was needed to make my resume exactly what employers were looking for.  Long story short, after getting everything fixed, I put my resume back out there and instantly started getting hits.  I even resent my resume to a few positions I had already applied for and got calls from them also!  Having Jen to look over my resume was one of the best decisions I could have made and I am confident moving forward with this resume and the tips she gave me.  She is awesome! 

Stewart W. Johnson

I came to Jen as a stranger needing help in cleaning up my Resume. She helped me out willingly and quickly. My resume returned to me in a timely fashion, organized, and more efficient. With me applying to new jobs as I look to relocate, my resume will be paramount in that process. With my updated resume I am confident that I will receive multiple call backs for potential interviews. Many thanks to Jen Fry!

Will Giles

In the spring/summer of 2016, I can honestly say I was becoming very frustrated with the student affairs job search. I believe I had submitted over 20 different applications for various postings at various institutions. I didn’t get a single response back. That’s when I took to Facebook and posted in a student affairs group asking for someone to review my resume and offer suggestions to improve it. Enter Jen.

I didn’t know Jen previously, but she posted that she was willing to help out and provided her e-mail address. I sent off my resume to Jen and by the next day she didn’t e-mail back any suggestions, instead, she called me. For the next 45 minutes, we spoke at length on the different areas where I could improve, and she shared her experience about being in a similar situation, but she found success!

The first suggestion that was made was to change the format of my resume. I was using the standard business resume format. Jen explained in the world of academia and student affairs, that wasn’t the template. Instead of listing the standard three facts per experience, she advised me that I need relay to a prospective employer every task I performed in a role. No task was too small because it may be the deciding factor.

 The second suggestion was strengthening was deleting my single personal statement and make that count as well. Instead of providing a single statement I should be providing a summary of three key things that I bring to the table. I chose working with diverse student populations, communication, and motivation.

 The best part of working with Jen was that we were working together on improving my resume. After each change (there were many!) she would reply back with additional thoughts, suggestions, and comments. Each time it felt like a friend was helping me and not someone who made demands. I felt comfortable working with her at each stage, and I am personally grateful.

 So when the time finally came to send my resume 2.0 out to prospective employers. I will admit I was nervous because I had never sent out a resume like this. My resume was now multiple pages instead of a single page. Well, I applied three different schools for various positions. School A was for a Vice-President of Student Affairs, and I wasn’t sure if I was exactly qualified but you never know unless you try. School B was for a Residence Hall Director at a small college. Again I had no Res Life experience. School C was a graduate assistant in Financial Aid. Same thing, no experience in Financial Aid, but at the time I was at School C working on my masters.

 After about two weeks, I got my results using the format Jen suggested. School A contacted me and stated they were still reviewing materials and wanted me to reply back stating whether or not I was still interested. School B contacted me and we arranged an interview, followed by a second interview at the conclusion. School C arranged an interview and after the conclusion of the interview offered me the position on the spot!!!

 Needless to say since I am working on my masters I chose School C. While it isn’t in my favored field, it is where I am working towards my degree. I contacted the other two schools and withdrew from consideration.

 This past spring, as part of my degree program I am required to complete an additional internship or practicum outside of where I am currently working. I specifically targeted positions in an area of student affairs and sent my resume out to six schools. Again using Jen’s suggested format I landed four interviews, and from that I secured an internship.

So if you are in doubt about asking Jen for resume help, I hope this puts your mind at ease and you will reach out to her. She can help you take your resume to the next level and help you stand out. I can’t say enough great things about the help she provided and the person she is. She will hold a special place in my heart always, and one of these days I hope to meet her in person at a conference so I may give her hug and treat her to lunch because she is such an amazing person.  You don’t have anything to lose by trying her suggestions except maybe your dream position! Highly recommend to those just beginning their first job search!!

 -David Guest

Central Michigan University, Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, Graduate Assistant

Northwood University, Office of Student Life, Intern