“During preseason of 2018, we hired Jen Fry to conduct a discussion with our team on race, racism, and inclusion. The Skype session was so well received by our athletes and they benefitted greatly from the role playing and small group work. It was instrumental in uncovering some pre-conceived biases in our athletes, as well as the staff. Jen really made difficult discussions feel normal, and created an awareness and understanding in our team that was lacking before. This season, our culture and togetherness was the best it has ever been, and it helped lead to our best season in school and conference history.”
— Jeff Rotondo, Head Volleyball Coach, HFU

Happy Clients


Listen, regardless of whether you love her or not, agree with everything she says or not, one thing is certain: Jen Fry has a gift, that she’s honed through hard work, to creatively articulate her position in a fun and thought provoking way!  She’s a lover and always up for an adventure…so buckle up and read her stuff.  You won’t regret it!

— Theresa M. Beeckman president & FOUNDER

Jen’s energy and passion is contagious, after seeing her speak in person I knew her work was the genuine unapologetic content I wanted more of! Her knowledge and energy comes through in the writing of her blog, in a way where you feel like she is talking to you as a friend! In addition to her blog, Jen has helped me on a professional level to create a Diversity and Inclusion program with my volleyball team. What struck me most about working with her is the follow through and her individual attention she gave our program. It has humbled and motivated me on a personal and professional basis. We could all use some more Jen Fry in our lives! Go YOU! 

— emily foster, st.olaf cllege

Every season you have a new team dynamic and you have players from different parts of the country and world coming together to learn and compete.  We decided to bring Jen in to meet with our ECU Volleyball team to encourage a brave space for our athletes to grow and respect the differences they share instead of just focus on their similar interest – which is obviously volleyball.  Jen was the perfect choice because she has the volleyball background as a coach and player. Her communication style is very candid and real.  We were able to accomplish a lot in 3 hours.  I would recommend her to any group or team that wants to provide an inclusive environment to work and play in.